In a regular day, when I see Amazon recommending products, Google self-driving car operating on the street, Facebook pushing customized advertisement for me, YouTube shows particular ads to me, I was really amazed by what today’s large volume of data and cutting edge technology could achieve, helping us to make wise decisions to choose Data Science, and improving the existing process in a wiser way.

Back in 2004, when I was in seventh grade, my parents surprised me by gifting me a computer. I was so excited and I spent a plethora of time to use the computer. Sometimes I just used to sit in front of this foolish box and think about how it processes commands and work the exact things that I give it to do. With lots of curiosity, I ask my father what the mechanism is and how the computer works. He gave me a brief about it. A fascination grows up under my little heart and I fall in love with this foolish box. During that time I got my aim in life and decided in the future I’ll study in Computer Science filed.

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